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Welcome to the Lead Influence Show where the sole mission here is to cut the fluff and provide you strategic guidance in your leadership, business, influence, and lifestyle so that YOU can get the true edge in life. Jake Havron is an international business strategist, keynote speaker, and entrepreneur whose mission is to lead and empower purpose-driven entrepreneurs into creating their dream life. Expect to receive the latest hacks, tips, and interviews from experts in their field so that YOU can live a more strategic life.

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Wednesday Sep 28, 2022

Ben Reinberg is a commercial real estate mogul who built his business from zero to over $500M in assets. As the CEO of Alliance Consolidated Group of Companies, Ben helps successful professionals build wealth by investing in commercial real estate, and he does all this not by theory but by his own personal experiences and things he has learned about self-awareness, mindset, relationship building, and so much more. 
Some questions I asked:
How did you build your portfolio, and how fast did you get to $500 million?
What is Commercial Real Estate and why should you invest in it?
Tips for someone who wants to start investing.
How do you attract, hire and retain the best employees?
In this episode, you will learn:
Why it’s important to look back and reflect on every experience you’ve ever had. 
The art of delegation.
Tips for hiring and incentivizing employees.
Why it pays to invest in Commercial Real Estate.
The power of working on a Saturday.
Value over price - why you shouldn’t look at other people’s pockets when investing in them.
Business is all about relationships.
Investing tips for people who haven’t invested before.
Things you need to look at when picking a sponsor.
Why you should focus on creating massive value.
Links and Resources:
Alliance Consolidated Group of Companies - https://alliancecgc.com/
I OWN IT Podcast - https://sites.libsyn.com/405017 
Connect with Ben:
Website -  https://benreinberg.com/
LinkedIn -  https://www.linkedin.com/in/benreinberg/
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/therealbenreinberg/
Facebook -  https://www.facebook.com/TheRealBenReinberg
Twitter -  https://mobile.twitter.com/realbenreinberg
YouTube -  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN-VuewtdVrFwlOrTsNbxGA
Connect with Jake to see how he can speak, consult, and collaborate with your team:
Website: www.jakehavron.com
Podcast: www.jakehavron.com/podcast
Instagram: www.instagram.com/jakehavron

Wednesday Sep 07, 2022

As a Celebrity Happiness Coach and over 20 years running a private practice, Rob drops valuable advice throughout this entire interview that can be implemented right away to live a more happy, prosperous, and love-able life. We dive into some practical ways to tap into your innate ability to love unconditionally, attract amazing opportunities, and manifest positive changes in your life.
Some questions I asked:
Where do peace, love, and happiness come from?
What’s your advice to someone who's in a relationship and feels like it's kind of fizzling out or lack passion? 
If there’s one thing that someone could do to to feel more peaceful, loved and happy what would it be?
What does love mean to you? 
In this episode, you will learn:
Rob’s experience of struggling with depression as a young adult and how he overcame it.
Parents, like everybody else, are doing the best they can - why we need to forgive our parents for their shortcomings and love them even more. 
The unexpected beauty of pain and suffering.
Byron Katie’s 4 Questions for Stressful Thoughts
Why we need to stop blaming and start accepting.
The power of loving and serving others without expecting anything in return.
Aloneness vs Loneliness
Happiness shared is happiness multiplied. 
What it means to be Love-ABLE.
How to experience more love, peace, and abundance in your life no matter how busy you are.
Love from the Inside Out.
Links and Resources:
Love From the Inside Out: Lessons and Inspiration for Loving Yourself, Your Life, and Each Other
Happiness from the Inside Out: The Art and Science of Fulfillment
Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life by Byron Katie
Power vs Force by David R. Hawkins, Ph. D
Loveability by Robert Holden, Ph. D
Connect with Rob:
Website: www.coachrobmack.com/
Instagram: www.instagram.com/robmackofficial
Facebook: www.facebook.com/robmackofficial
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/robmackofficial
Connect with Jake to see how he can speak, consult, and collaborate with your team:
Website: www.jakehavron.com
Podcast: www.jakehavron.com/podcast
Instagram: www.instagram.com/jakehavron

Wednesday Aug 24, 2022

From trying to find a solution that would help him feel fully free after giving up alcohol and being sober for 7 years, JW Ross created an amazing product that is now selling millions of bottles every month.
“Feel Free” is a plant-based tonic, made with Kava and other ancient plants from the South Pacific and Southeast Asia, where the ingredients have been used both socially and in wellness for centuries. It’s a new way to feel good and feel free!
In this episode, we dive into everything you need to know about Feel Free - its mind-blowing benefits and how it is helping millions of people overcome their addictions and create mental clarity.
Some questions I asked:
What is Feel Free?
What are some of the benefits of Feel Free? 
What advice would you give someone who is struggling with addiction and wants to make a change?
What would you say to someone who’s looking turn their passion into a business? 
What were some of the key things that helped you grow your business quickly? 
In this episode, you will learn:
JW's journey from alcohol addiction to discovering Feel Free.
Why leading a life with no regrets require change.
What's in Feel Free Botanic Tonic? 
The mind-blowing benefits of Feel Free.
Feel Free as a productivity enhancer. 
Everything you need to know about Feel Free - dosage and contraindications. 
How JW scaled his business from zero to millions of $$$ in revenue.
JW’s vision for Feel Free. 
And so much more!
Try the FEEL FREE shot and get 40% off your purchase. CLICK HERE and use code HAVRON40.
Connect with JW Ross:
Website: www.botanictonics.com/ 
Instagram: www.instagram.com/botanictonics/   
Facebook: www.facebook.com/botanictonics 
Connect with Jake to see how he can speak, consult, and collaborate with your team:
Website: www.jakehavron.com
Podcast: www.jakehavron.com/podcast
Instagram: www.instagram.com/jakehavron

Wednesday Aug 17, 2022

The message of this episode is simple: God has a plan for all of us, and that plan starts with believing in yourself and not giving up on your dreams.
Edwin Arroyave is the Founder and CEO of Skyline Security Management. But it wasn’t an easy road to success. Born in Bogota, Colombia, Edwin, and his family came to the United States when he was six years old to pursue the American dream. But that dream quickly turned into a nightmare when due to unfortunate circumstances, his family lost everything, so much that he had to become the man of the house at fifteen years old. He remembers living in a tiny house with no windows with his mother and siblings because that was all they had. 
Fueled by his God-sized dreams and astounding faith, Edwin set out on journey to find a job to take care of his family. He became the youngest call center manager at 18 years old, and years after, partnered with the VP of Sales to start a home security company. 
This episode is real and raw. Not only do we dive in to Edwin’s business success, but there’s also so much to learn about his personal story which is a great example of how God can use even the most unfortunate of circumstances to bring about great things.
Some questions I asked:
How did you overcome the challenges you faced at young age so that you could get to where you are today? 
What would you say to someone who wants to step up to the next level but is uncomfortable with uncertainty?
What was the biggest challenge you faced in your business?
When was your faith most tested and what did you do to reconnect with it?
What’s the story behind your Lamborghini?
In this episode, you will learn:
Believing in yourself and focusing on what you can control. 
The 2 ways you can build self-worth. 
The difference between the dreams you settle for and God-sized dreams.
How embracing uncertainty leads to a more fulfilling life.
The keys to true fulfillment in life.
The difference between the average and the elite.
Edwin’s biggest business challenge and how he overcame it.
What the Bible says about going through difficult times. 
The real purpose of a goal.
What Kobe Bryant taught us about stepping into our greatness. 
The value of preparation - How Edwin prepared for Grant Cardone’s show. 
Edwin and Teddi’s beautiful love story. 
The story of Edwin’s Lamborghini and what we can learn from it.
Tips to overcome temptation and stay committed to your relationship.
And so much more!
Links and Resources:
Power Players with Edwin Arroyave & Grant Cardone www.youtube.com/watch?v=8nKT_rOxkY0
Skyline Security Management www.skylinesecurity.com/ 
Connect with Edwin:
Website: www.edwinarroyave.com/
Instagram: www.instagram.com/tedwinator/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/teddiedwin.mellencamparroyave
Twitter: www.twitter.com/tedwinator  
Connect with Jake to see how he can speak, consult, or collaborate with your team.
Website: www.jakehavron.com
Podcast: www.jakehavron.com/podcast
Instagram: www.instagram.com/jakehavron

Wednesday Aug 10, 2022

Tyler McBroom is a CPA, tax professional, international speaker, and bestselling author. He is also currently managing partner at Global Accounting Advisors, a Joint Venture with Tony Robbins and his own company, Measured Results. 
Tyler’s mission is to help business owners around the United States grow their profits while paying as little tax as legally possible. He’s here with us today to share some tactical tips that you can implement right away to maximize your tax strategies and sustainably grow your business. Whether you’re a business owner who’s just starting out or already earning from multiple revenue streams, this episode is for you! Let’s dive in!
Some questions I asked:
Little-known secrets to pay as little tax as legally possible. 
Should you do your own bookkeeping as a business owner?
What’s the truth behind auditing?
Strategic tips for business owners with multiple revenue streams.
In this episode, you will learn:
Tyler’s joint venture with Tony Robbins - how it all began and tips for delivering massive value. 
Why saying “I don’t know” is oftentimes more powerful than knowing it all.
Finding ways to fulfill your passion within the work that you do.
The number one thing you must do to minimize your taxes.
The pros and cons of doing your own bookkeeping. 
When is the best time to meet with your CPA?
What you need to know about IRS Tax Audits and how to prepare for them.
The Augusta Rule.
The tax benefits of hiring your kids in your sole proprietorship business. 
The secret to rocking it on social media.
Cash Profit Accelerator LIVE!
The power of intention. 
Links and Resources:
Attend Cash Profit Accelerator LIVE - https://cpa.tylermcbroom.com/live Free Book - Cash Flow & Grow - http://www.tylermcbroom.com/ Join Tyler’s acclaimed business group, Cash Profit Accelerator https://cpa.tylermcbroom.com/
Connect with Tyler:
Website: www.tylermcbroom.com/
Instagram: www.instagram.com/tylermcbroom
Facebook: www.facebook.com/tylermcbroomcpa/
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/tylermcbroom/
YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/tylermcbroom/
Twitter: www.twitter.com/tylermcbroomcpa
Connect with Jake to see how he can speak, consult, collaborate with your team:
Website - www.jakehavron.com
Podcast - www.jakehavron.com/podcast
Instagram - www.instagram.com/jakehavron

Wednesday Aug 03, 2022

Brian is a world-renowned expert in the field of posture and peak performance. He’s personally helped people like Connor McGregor, Tony Robbins, A-List Celebrities, and thousands around the world optimize their posture and become pain-free.
I first met Brian after a Tony Robbins event years ago where he was on stage speaking and training 15,000 people. We just hit it off with great energy between us and knew I had to get him on the show for you all to hear these incredible stories and expert advice to become an optimized peak-performing human.
Some questions I asked:
How does The Egoscue Method relate to the 2-millimeter shifts for achieving success?
What separates leading with significance from leading with your ego?
How can Egoscue help you achieve high-level performance? 
Why does posture matter and how can you improve it?
How to powerfully engage your audience when speaking.
In this episode, you will learn:
The history of Egoscue - Pete Egoscue’s journey to finding a way to live a pain free life.
Leading with ego or significance - how to go beyond yourself to serve others. 
Why it’s important to surround yourself with people that add value to your life.
How to better handle negative judgments.
The power of Egoscue in helping you live a healthy, pain-free, and vibrant life.
Granular tips and exercises to help improve your posture.
Start them young - how spending time on the ground instead of walking early develops better kids.
Tactical ways to powerfully engage your audience when speaking. HINT: It’s all about servitude and adding value. 
Brian’s most memorable moment with Tony and Sage Robbins. 
Books and Resources:
Pain Free: A Revolutionary Method for Stopping Chronic Pain by Pete Egoscue - https://amzn.to/3JoX5MB The Egoscue Method of Health Through Motion: Revolutionary Program That Lets You Rediscover the Body's Power to Rejuvenate It by Pete Egoscue - https://amzn.to/3SkRyL2 
Connect with Brian:
Website - www.egoscue.com/  
LinkedIn - www.linkedin.com/in/brian-bradley-4260116/  
Instagram - www.instagram.com/thebrianbradley 
Twitter - twitter.com/thebrianbradley   
Facebook - www.facebook.com/Brian-Bradley-Themovementnerd-104788314344104 / 
YouTube - www.youtube.com/c/TheEgoscueMethod 
Connect with Jake to see how he can speak, consult, or collaborate with your team.
Website - www.jakehavron.com
Podcast - www.jakehavron.com/podcast
Instagram - www.instagram.com/jakehavron

Wednesday Jul 20, 2022

This is a very special episode that I know is going to change lives, featuring our very special guest, Alex Morton. After speaking in 75+ countries all over the world and on many stages, he’s here to share stories and insights he’s never shared before. 
Alex is a world-renowned entrepreneur, business momentum catalyst, and one of the highest-earning network marketers on the planet, who teaches people around the globe how to be, do, and have anything they desire. He’s an inspirational speaker and a huge success in showing you can go from being broke in a dorm room to a multi-millionaire. All happening because of the pursuit of helping others.
Some questions I asked:
What are some of the things you can do to get better at visualization? 
What’s your greatest memory of Bob Proctor and the biggest lessons you learned from him?
How do you get rid of distractions in order to stay hyper-focused on your goals?
What are some of the new challenges you face after achieving so much success?
How would you describe creating a strategic life?
In this episode, you will learn:
Things Alex learned about business, mindset, and personal development at a very young age. 
Creating a compelling future for yourself – chasing your potential and always going the extra mile.
The invisible enemy that holds you back from creating the life that you desire. 
I WANT versus I AM. Why I AM is the most powerful phrase you could use.
The greatest lessons that Alex learned from Bob Proctor. 
Granular tips on how to become better at visualization.
What it means to have a clear vision of the life you want.
Bob and Alex’s amazing mentor-mentee relationship. 
Alex’s greatest memories of Bob.
The breakfast metaphor for knowing exactly what you want.
Self-awareness is key to building a winning self-image.
Desires versus distractions. How to get rid of all the noise and be hyper-focused on your goals. 
The idea of happiness.
Being in alignment with your spouse. Why it’s important for couples to be on the same page on where you want to go.
Overcoming differences, plus real and raw tips for a happy and successful marriage. 
Everything multiplies when you’re with the right man/woman.
Creating a strategic life – what it means and how to achieve it.
Alex’s new book and upcoming live event.
Connect with Alex
Website - www.thealexmorton.com
Instagram - www.instagram.com/alexmortonmindset
Facebook -  www.facebook.com/AlexMortonypr
LinkedIn - www.linkedin.com/in/alex-morton-7583ab101 
Connect with Jake to see how he can speak, consult, or collaborate with your team.
Website - www.jakehavron.com
Podcast - www.jakehavron.com/podcast
Instagram - www.instagram.com/jakehavron

Wednesday Jun 15, 2022

Impostor syndrome strikes even the most successful entrepreneurs. Don't let it hold you back from success!
I’ve been there too, and to be honest it can be crippling at times. It also can make you either not even start because you feel like “Hey maybe I’m not good enough” or it can make you charge too little for your work.
So if you want to overcome those feelings of being an imposter and avoid pricing yourself out of business reach, keep listening. You are already more of a Rockstar than you imagine. This will help make you unstoppable!
Connect with Jake to see how he can speak, consult, or collaborate with your team.
Instagram - @jakehavron

Monday Jun 13, 2022

Wow was this quite the experience receiving pluripotent stem cells and exosomes. (best of the best)
It’s been a few weeks, since my stem cell and exosome treatment and I'm feeling great! In this episode, we cover..
What it did for brain fog
How my energy levels changed
Higher frequency output
Difference between pluripotent vs. multipoint stem cells and why the clinic has to be out of the USA.
What are exosomes and how they are beneficial receiving as well
and so much more..
My hope is that you're not just informed but inspired by my story and you can also improve your wellness or share it with someone who you think can benefit from this. 
I'm not a doctor, nor am I a medical professional or expert. This is simply my personal account of what happened while getting this treatment. 
Listen in and use the links below to learn more about the clinic where we received this treatment and what it might mean for you to have better health in the future.
Links and Resources
Stemaid Institute Consultation Link:This link will take you to the free consultation with the clinic
Life Force by Tony Robbins
Disclaimer for basic legal reasons:
The stem cell protocols and programs we offer are not approved in the United States as treatments, therapies, drugs, new drugs, or investigational drugs. We do not claim that our treatment protocols and programs are approved by the U.S. FDA or proven to be effective in the United States for any condition that appears on our advertising or www.stemaidinstitute.com or for any other condition.

Wednesday Jun 08, 2022

Today, we’re going to talk about how to break through the sales plateau quickly.
If you're feeling stuck, frustrated, or that your sales aren't growing despite your best efforts, I have some good news for you. I know the exact reasons why your sales might be slowing and I'm here to help you turn it around.
In this episode, I’m going to share some simple but often overlooked actions that you can master easily to bust through the sales plateau and make more money than ever before.

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